T'was the night before Christmas

'not a creature was stirring not even a mouse..' Who am I kidding?! There was definetly some stirring up until about 2:30AM!

But the kids headed off to bed after they had gotten ready.

First it was off to pick some carrots for those Reindeer that would be bringing Santa.

Then to lay them along the 'landing strip' together with the Sparklie reindeer landing food we made.

Then inside to get a snack for Santa... 'Lower Fat Milk' and home made lamingtons. (When we saw Santa at Harvey's on Saturday he requested a Low fat milk, but this got lost in translation to a LOWER fat milk.)

Then to the Sacks...
I can assure you that 'this' face is pure excitement!
 Then we headed off to look at all the Christmas lights around town before heading home to bed.

I wanted to have placemats for Christmas breakfast but true to form, time eluded me and I was just starting this project at 10:30pm

Good thing that MM had had a couple cans of 'GO', he was wrapping gifts while I did the finishing touches on the Mats. Yes, another thing that I was going to have done before now! Then it was time to set the table, clean up a little and try to head for bed.

Who am I kidding? After all that mad sewing and setting, who could sleep? So I headed out and grabbed a movie (?) at this time it is like 1:30am. After 20 mins of watching my mind had calmed and off we headed to bed also.

Merry Christmas

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My Love is..... said...

YAY!! what a great xmas eve you guys had FUN!! Your placemats turned out awesome.... I love the pix of the boys with cows milk they look so serious getting it just right for santa CUTE! :)