New dress for Me

Over the years I have dabbled with shirring but have never felt very successful, I certainly have never worn anything that involved it. But thanks to a bit of encouragement, I actually completed more than one row of shirring and was amazed at how much each additional row pulled the fabric in more and more... and then MORE when I used the steam from the iron at the end! It was really magical and worth the hour that I spent going around and around. That's right, an HOUR, and not very much fabric at all!

I used 6" more than my hip measurement, which I will refrain from revealing. I got the fabric from here, of course, and even got it at 30% off, on Sale. Bargain.
Good thing that it is HOT HOT HOT here and definelty Summer Dress weather because I'm feeling a slight addiciton coming on. Can't wait to try this with sleeves too, could be my camping must-have.

Cutie for the Booty

Ohhh these are just too cute! Thanks to an awesome pattern from here, a teacher from here and venue and supplies from here... I know a few happy ladies after spending a morning getting busy on their machines.

Now my babes are too big for these now, I know that but it was nice of Little Brother to remind me that "I am a big boy!" when I got home and was gushing about how cute these would have looked on his booty when he was a little bitty Bubba.

Cluck cluck cluck

My Little Dishwasher

While Big Brother is busy at school Little Brother is now Mum's Big helper during the day, especially these last few days since our dishwasher has broken...

 All that washing up is very tiring and Little Brother is taking a well earned Nanna Nap, not more than 20 minutes before I need to head out the door to pick up the Big Brother mind you.

I remember Nanna Naps from my first pregnancy, I just loved them. You could almost set your watch by me. It's just a shame that now with 2 on the go, a Nappa nap has been extinct for about 3 years now!

Fruit bag

After the first couple days of school and watching Big Brother struggle to hold his fruit, drink and notes for the teacher I decided that he needed a little bag to carry it all in.

And so the Fruit bag was born...

It is more than roomy enough for a 1L bottle of water and a banana to slide in. Made from the fruitiest fabric I could find at CQS and it only used 2 FQ's, one of which only cost me $1! That's just awesome and no more dropping everything on the way into class...


I won't say how many candles but this gorgeous Mummy just had another Birthday! Followed closely by my Dad which means that we just had to have a lamington tower to celebrate...

Moist Sultana Muffins

Waking this morning with a bit of a sweet tooth and a feeling of excitement for school lunch box ideas, I grabbed a helper and some goodies and began making these delicious Moist Sultana Cakes (Muffins!)

As I've said before it can take me hours to half fill a trolley at the Supermarket when I start reading labels and imagine my surprise when we came across this packet of Saltana Cake mix on special for 99c. For that price it was worth me stopping to read the label and guess what? no milk products in it! So awesome. The ingredients called for a whole egg but as usual we just compensated by adding some extra milk.

I love mixes like these that don't need to use the hand held electric mixer. It means Mr Independant can help a bit more.

I am in love with the crumble on the top. Being a lazy Sunday I was only using the ingredients in the house and didn't have the Almonds that it called for... so instead I added oats. The crunchy top reminds me of an Anzac Buscuit and then the moist Sultana cake toboot.

Without the egg the cakes did fall a bit after I took them out of the oven but I was expecting that. It doesn't effect the taste in my opinion just the asthetics.
The 'crumble' muffins were the first one's eaten and how I wish I had made them all have the yummy topping.
But I did pop some of the Sultana muffins in the freezer for school lunch box treats.
Sultanas = healthy choice right? he he
Enjoy your egg free, dairy free Moist Sultana Muffins. I know I will!!!
Happy Baking

First day of the next 13 years!

It's hard to believe that it was almost 5 years ago that this big guy was such a teeny tiny bundle of beauty. A smidge over 4 pounds born he was mistaken for a doll on a couple of occasions. And even though today he is still a bit littler than his peers, he isn't the smallest out of all the new kindergarteners!


His had 2 new teachers to meet today and I knew that he was going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Sure enough he did, when I picked him up from his first day he straight away asked:

"Can we go to the Pool Mum? Ethan is going to the pool! Please Mum I want to go with him!"

It's funny how after 1 day they are already making their own plans, Ethans Mum didn't know they were going to the pool either...

February? What February?

Blogging has fallen by the way side this month. There has been heaps to blog about, with so many 'firsts', birthdays and new creations but with all this happening I just haven't had time. When I did have the time do you think I could find my SD adapter? Uh no. Then the camera went flat and I didn't get all the pics that I wanted, so I still have alot to go back and snap piccies of some projects. But not to worry, I have found my adapter, charged my battery and have a moment right now!

This is my latest to get started project. A gorgeous friend gifted me a massive bunch of knitting needles and an Oh so nice wrap to keep it all in, leaving a desire to take up a new project.
I was thinking of this... but when I did it in the blue I just didn't LOVE it, so I still have the grey yarn to go and am in need of a new cowl or maybe a slouchy lacy hat, hmmm any ideas?

Thanks for reading along. X

A morning with Abby

Picture from here
Abby is going to be sharing her talent this weekend at CQS by holding a class to make some Ruffle Butts.
More info over here.
See you there.

When all is quiet

Do you ever get that feeling of "it's too quiet, what are they up to now?" Well I sat down for 10 mins on Sunday and realised 10 mins later (Opps) that the house was VERY quiet. So I raced out to the other end and found Big Brother watching cartoons, all good so far, and the bathroom door open. Now this could go one of 2 ways, either A, Little Brother is doing a Number 2 and is working very hard to use only 1 complete roll, or B, he has flooded my bathroom AGAIN.

Option B won and I found a very innocent looking young man playing in a sink full of water with my side cupboards full of water and water pretty much EVERYWHERE! Now as cute as this was I dare not to take a picture for fear of encouraging this Oh so naughty event.

The "I'm sorry, I love you Mummy" face
Instead I popped him in the bath, because this is where we CAN PLAY with water, while I went about the 15 minute job of mopping all the water out of the drawers.

As much as I love the QUIET, I think I would have loved NOISE more this day.
Why the life vest I hear you ask?
I have absolutly no idea, that's what I found him in at the bathroom sink.
Probably a good judging by the amount of water!

Whizzing me by

Aren't we always saying "Doesn't time fly"? Well today if whizzed on by me right before my eyes. Before Breakfast I had my sweet little man and once we'd finished, I wondered where he had gone. He has been wanting to go to Preschhol since his brother started 12 months ago and today was his day. I have never seen him more excited than when I asked him to get ready. Then as we headed out the gate he ran the whole way there. Telling his Dad all about 'his' Preschool along the way.

Normally we would have to drop off Big Brother first and then take him last but today he proudly told us that he would be dropped off first.

There was an enourmous hug-fest as he said good bye to Mum, Dad and Big Brother and then without any hesitation then he was off...

... and I was left in aw of how Big the Little Brother was becoming.