Super Star Parade

Yesterday the family all headed down the street for a street parade. We were expecting to see Motorbikes, boats and tractors... so we were VERY surprised to see some other colourful characters marching along the street too!

The Boats

The Tractors

The Motorbikes! and who's that riding along too? hey lets ask these guys over here!

Yogi and Santa
Doanld Big Brother Mickey and Minnie
My Man Scooby and Big Brother

Finally we caught up with Goofy once he got off his bike.
My Man, Little Brother and Goofy

Goofy and Big Brother
The kids had a great time, even if Little Brother was a bit worried about all those larger than life characters. Our little town really does put 110% into everything they do.
Well done to the organisers and good luck today with your water-skiing spectacular at the Newey!

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