Busy Busy

Happy Birthday to you, and you and you!

I have just received our third invitation for a birthday party this weekend... all on the same day. Wow it is going to be a very busy, but fun, day. So far, luckily, the times are all staggered and we are able to go and see everyone.

And you know what that all means don't you? Well this little chick has been up sewing a storm tonight, just so that I am not doing my normal bit and sewing the morning of a party. Gee I am getting so organised, it's kinda scary.

So tonight we have gone from this...

I cheated and had done the embroidery for this towel a few weeks ago when I got the invitation!
so it didn't take me long tonight to finish it off.
to this for party number 1...

A personalised hand towel for a big boy starting Preschool next year.

Next came this...

1.6m of Batman fabric
to this...
One Batman pillow case! Perfect.
Just right for a little guy who loves the Battier things in life! Party number 2 covered! LOL

And lastly from this...

A quick raid of my craft drawers produced enough product to create something sweet.
to this...

A treasure bag for a fun loving friend. Party number 3 all sewn up and now Mum is ready for a rest too!

But not before I quickly show you a few snaps of my little guys from today.

After a long hot (and humid) day outside I somehow thought that I just hadn't had enough, or else I was afraid of what was living in the grass it was getting so long. The poor dog had even given up using it! So out I got with the lawn mower. Quick pull on the lead by Husband dear and I was off! until I ran out of petrol and wasn't sure which jerrycan in the shed held the 'right mix'.  Not to worry though, there was enough cleared that the boys could now run on the grass rather than through it!

It actually worked out well when they made a running track around the long bit and over the hurdle, otherwise known as the sprinkler of doom!



StEpHaNiE said...

cheez girl you where busy good job everything looks great :)

Anonymous said...

OH! I kno a bat-lovin-soon-to-b-bday boy!! great work mama!