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It seems like all I did Monday was cook or prepare to be cooking...

Having a special family leave town I thought I would take a leap and prepare a nice dinner incase they needed a break from all that packing and sorting. Luckily for us, they DID!

So on my first official day as a stay at home Mum, I headed off to the shops with babes in arms. Returning home with oodles of yummy veges.

Preparations began and soon the kitchen was an absolute bomb site. This is not because I am a messy person, simply just that I need a new kitchen, one with more than just 1 small bench and a sink in it!

I love the colours of a nice stirfry. The only thing I felt was missing was some Bok Choy, but at $5 a bunch, they could keep it. I wonder how hard it is to grow Bok Choy? hmmm

All those veges topped off with roasted lamb, champagne and blueberry sauce and a little decoration made for a very yummy meal. My Man usually prepares the meals such as this but today it was my turn to do it ALL. His sauce is much better than mine but apparently I just needed another half packet of sugar! Sugar will fix almost anything I'm told.

But a good dinner should never stop there, there needs to be a yummy dessert too!

MM had ever so strategically left a dessert book open to the page that he was hungering for.

So, Hello Banana custard Pie. We've been dying to m'eat' you.

Goodluck on your new adventure Friends, you will be missed ALOT and we will be sure to drop on by.

I had to laugh the next morning when I came out for Brekky and found a new page open on the counter...

Honey Banana and Macadamia cake
I think I had better hide this book from here on in... after trying that one last one of course.

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! What a tasty post...ahem...did I mention Im leaving town after tomorrow... ummmm and my fridge is empty :) LMAO