Homemade wins hands down

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your everyday items? I have and guess what... there is milk in SAUSAGE ROLLS! Why? I ask. Do they really need to put milk into the meaty bits? Did you also know that there is milk products in most processed meats, such as chicken loaf, cherrios, salami, devon... why? again I ask. It just sucks. This just means that it is EXTREMELY difficult for friends to cater for my children and I continually sound like a nag asking for ingredients in insane detail. I hope that they will come to  understand why I am so padantic.

So this so easy (from "what's for dinner?" to the table in under an hour) and so yummy too.

Homemade (easy) Sausage Rolls

Grab a pack of your favourite sausages from your local butcher. Mmmm tasty beef over here please.

Lay out your pastry sheets and cut them in 1/2. Remove the skin from the sausage and roll the pastry over it.

Position the join in the pastry on the bottom and slice a few cuts on the top. Rub a dob of Dairy free margarine over the top and pop into a hot oven, about 220 degrees (C), for 30 mins.

You will end up with mouth watering sausage rolls that will have 'em coming back for more!

Only 11 more sleeps till Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Wow that is super easy!!! thanks for sharing...will try these!!!

Nara :)