Park Crawl

This marks the boys very first Pub Park Crawl! This was so much fun that they asked the very next morning to go back to their New favourite parks!

First stop was BRIAN & KRISTYS PARK, named because it was across the road from Brian and Kristy's house. Favourite thing here... swings!

Even the Mama got her swing on in this park!

Second stop was Denman's Park, or as I knew it when I was a kid "Dead Man's park" because "they actually found a dead man there" or so the story went when I was a kid, and not such a great start to our day out. When we were here a little, boy told us that we couldn't get on some of the play equipment becuase his friend had done a POO in there! Gross. And that we shouldn't walk next to the slide because he had put mouse-traps there to get his friend. REALLY. So we had a turn in the swingin' apple and then 1 quick slide. BB is already a worry wort so he was very scared of the hidden mouse traps throughout the park and also left rather annoyed!

Next we headed off to the Lions Children's Park, or Christians Park as the boys so call it. Another SUPER slide here, check out how enourmously high that thing is! and a little See-saw.

The sun was getting low and we still had 3 more parks to go so we made a start for a park that the boys had never been to before. We don't have a name for this one yet except "That really cool park with the Swinging Bars!" Best bit here, you guessed it, the Monkey Bars! and what is with all these little mega slides in these little parks?

Look out Digger Park, aka Heritage Park, here we come. I don't think I need to explain WHY we love this place so much!

Last we did our Most visited park of all due to it's proximaty. This is just called THE PARK!
Fav bit = the Wobble Bridge

Thanks for coming along on our Park Crawl. Rest assured we had a great time, killed a couple hours and were SUPER tired when we all got home!

My special Boy

I think a picture can tell a thousand words so here's 2000 for you!

Winner Winner


Okay so I never said I WASN'T a mad BINGO freak, did I?

But this post really is about my chicken dinner, not BINGO.

After a little change to the usual routine I googled CHICKEN DINNER and this was the first recipe that came up, so it looked good.

I love dinners that go into the oven and heat the house and send a gorgeous smell wafting through the halls.

So nice in fact that I had to do it again a few nights later, this time servd with rice and stirfry. Mmmm Yummo.

I can just imagine this cooked on our next camping trip with those jacket potatos being buried in the coals and our campoven simmering away with our succulent chicken.

New Baby

I discovered a friend of mine was having another baby and although she lives in north QLD, I just had to do her a baby quilt. So I went to CQS to finish some projects and came home with this...

Perfect for her Little Man who is due in July.

I stitched the borders on and am now up to quilting it. I am quilting this one freehand (by machine) and am thinking I will be putting in a fair amount of detail. Hopefully it will be almost finished by end of next week also.

2 Steps forward

and then 10 steps back it feel like at the moment. This tappan zee is really doing my head in at the moment. I managed the first with absolutley no dramas but this one... well lets just say that it isn;t the only thing RED at the moment!

Just after this picture was taken and I had done another 50 rows, I ripped the body out and had to cast on 10 stitches in the underarm so that I could actually fit my arm WITH a long sleeve shirt under it. I have learnt to try it on as soon as I can get myself into it!

But I am 1/4  of the way back down the body again and I have tried it on and it fits! I have also added an extra button hole, something I wanted to do originally but missed the row at the time and was not going to unpull it just to go back and pop in a 4th button hole.

So hopefully next week I will be showing you my finished project, YAY!

Easter gifts

The boys left out a little Easter basket for the Easter Bunny in hope that they would wake to find a yummy treat, and sure enough they DID!

Easter bunny had a munch of the carrots we left for him and had left these cute little bunnies for the boys. Yep that Easter Bunny knows they can't have milk and brought them a special one.

The boys got a little gift from us which had their ultra cute Easter Jammies to get us through the coming months and a teeny tiny egg!

Grandma and Grandpa had sent down some really cute chicks that Grandma had made on her embroidery machine and also a chefs outfit each. Needless to say we had to do some baking Easter day.

I just love me a Chef in uniform!

Chocolate time

In the lead up to Easter the boys sure did love getting to make some homemade choccies!

"I didn't eat any chocolate!"

Autumn tones

With Autumn here it's only a matter of time till be farewell our shorts and 'Hello' pants. Since BB has started school I am finding that I really only need 2 pairs of play clothes for him, unless we are going camping and then I'm up a creek, Yes I really said that ;-)

So it was this awesome pattern that sits so lovely on and flatters like no other that I had to whip up for him.

 A couple rows of top-stitching...

and pockets.

I had made him a pair of grey tracksuit pants for school from this pattern and had just made them as the pattern said. On the first day he wore them he came home and asked me to sew him another pair, "...this time with pockets. Coz I didn't have anywhere to put my ROCKS!"

Oh Rocks!