Afternoon Tea - updated

It seems that I have runs on things and then won't eat/want it for ages. Well at the moment my run is with SCONES! They are so delicious, and quick to make too, with a minimal clean up. The only problem with them at this time of year is that the oven heats the house. The boys love scones though, so it is an aftenoon tea that they eat readily and I don't have to bribe them with stamps or the like. I am trying to be very vigilant at the moment with Big Brother starting school in a couple of weeks. Eating only at Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and then having to wait until 3pm (home time) for afternoon tea. No snacking in between! Imagine coming home from a long day at school to a just out of the oven scones waiting for you...  So I thought I would share our scone recipe with you.

50g Dairy free Margarine
225g Self Raising Flour
30g 15g Caster sugar
120ml Soy milk

Rub together the margarine and flour until it looks like breadcrumbs.

Add the caster sugar and stir in with a knife.

Pour in the milk and stir with a knife.

GENTLY make a ball from the dough and flatten out to 3cm thick.

I simply cut the flattened ball into 8 segments (just like cutting a pizza) and pop it into a pre-heated 220 deg Celcius oven for 20 mins. But you could do the traditional glass/cutter and make individual round scones.

When I put it into the oven I put an extra tray on the shelf below the scones to stop the bottoms getting burnt.

Remove from the oven and cool on a rack, but not too much, nothing beats nice warm scones with margarine (you might say butter) and jam.



Lisa said...

mmmm.... they sound WONDERFUL!!

Colleen said...

They ARE really nice!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you there colleen these scones are so tasty!