Christmas gifts

For a work Christmas party on Friday night I thought it would be nice to give a gift that was homemade, especially considering the work that I do. However, when you spend all afternoon playing with your kids it is easy to forget about shopping and sewing. So we rushed home with a little over an hour and a half to go and whipped up a batch (or two) or our yummy shortbread biscuit receipe. The boys got a new Christmas star cookie cutter a week ago and have been dying to try it out since. A few shortbread biscuits, all wrapped up in cello with a laminated recipe card and a candy cane (of course!) says Merry Christmas from our little family.

Only 13 more sleeps till Christmas!


My Love is..... said...

YUM!! wish i worked with u!!!!

Colleen said...

And they were yummy too! Thanks Sarah and your little helpers.