My boys LOVE sticky tape... every morning all I get is "Can we do arts and craft please Mum?" " PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!" Luckily for us our business provides ample boxes and containers that the boys can 'craft' and then discard at the end of the day. It's funny to think that we spend so much on them at Christmas time but the most time spent on any one toy so far is the home-made playdough and LB's tools. Second to that it would have to be the stickytape dispenser and FREE boxes!

I know that they would love to get soooo much fun out of boxes and sticky tape but it just doesn't feel right. A box will be transformed many time during the course of play...

A fort
A stage
A bike jump
A trampoline
A garage
A shop
and finally...


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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Your guys really rock their imagination!