LB's Shrek shorts

It is amazing what can be accomplished before you've even had breaky for the day! Somedays.

My most recent creation was LB's Shrek shorts. He absolutly adores the movie and his Granny over at CQS was ever so quick to give him a metre or so for 2 pairs of new shorts.

My inspiration
I had used a OO pair of shorts as a pattern to make these Santa pants for last year and was very happy with the way that they sat on him. I just felt they needed a little extra 'pudding' room this year though. The first pair of Christmas shorts I had made this year, I felt were a little too full and as such looked a little like Pj's. I am amazed though that a OO pair of shorts with not that much extra seam allowance will fit even my almost 5 year old very comfortably. I asked LB to model the shorts and said "turn around and show us ya bum" this was the pose that I got!

So with no more than 30 mins work (if that) LB had a brand spanking new pair of shorts to start the day in! I made sure to include pockets on either side for his treasures that he is finding more and more often these days.

As for Big Brother he took the opportunity last night to do some solo crafting when LB had fallen asleep while I was getting dinner ready at 5:30. 

This sure does "Add smiles to my day". Except when he said I wasn't allowed to help! Must have been the day for it hey Mama? It is nice sometimes to do something ALL by yourself!

Photography by Big Brother
Merry Christmas. Only 4 more sleeps!


Kylie said...

Cool, cool wreath! My christmas craft plans have fallen by the wayside, but plan to decorate the cabin when we get to Mum's. Have a great Christmas and here's to a super crafty 2011!

StEpHaNiE said...

wow busy girl loving the christmas makings.
and the shrek shorts

My Love is..... said...

WOW...what a lucky girl you are to have a mama that gifts cute fabric :) LOVE parkers butt shot ;)