The countdown begins

Now that it is December 1st I can share our photos of putting up this years tree.

Our good friend Rudulph, who
NEVER seems to run out of batteries
Little Man found the Rudolph while we were getting the tree out of the cupboard and and as such he never placed a single ornament on the tree, he was just too busy.

Icing the tree
Big Brother on the other hand couldn't wait to start. Every ornament was hung with the utmost of speed to ensure that just in case Little Man decided to join in, Big Bro would still get to hang all his favourites.

Santa and THE BIRD
A friend who comes to Patchwork classes at CQS brought me in a little gift last year with this bird on it and boy does Big Bro LOVE  IT! When it was pulled from the bag of decorations it was like a long lost reunion of soul buddies. Come to think of it I'm not sure how it managed to get packed away last year...?

Our wooden toy soldier
Our tree is missing a few items that we have searched for and never been able to find. When I, well we, were both kids we can remember having small wooden ornaments, similar to that above, but we have searched high and low and not been able to find wooden decoartions that are so nice.
Have you seen them where you are?

An essential
Ahhh new lights. After putting our set of lights on the tree, My Man decided that it just wasn't enough so off we headed and came home with a band new set, plugged them in and WHOA! Sunglasses alert. After playing with the switch we found a much easier on the eye setting and our tree was complete, well almost.

Hey, Where'd you go?
3 Christmas's ago we brought a really cool train for the bottom of your tree, it even puffed smoke. Then 2 Christmas's ago Nan and Pop brought us the same train too. So now we had 2 trains in the wardrobe ready for Christmas time. Somehow every year we forgot the train but this year we were right on top of it and the kids faces lit up just like those lights...

Choo Choo! There you are.
And if you thought my Christmas project run would finish here on the official day to ice the house...
you were wrong.

More projects from the Sew Room
Since I got my New sewing machine (Brother NV-600) I can now do applique projects that I have always wanted to do. I am obsessed with Stitch 19 this Christmas. And I have now decided that any new embroidery project I do, I will look for an embroidery thread first.

I am in love with embroidery threads right now, and the extra 'sparkle' they give each project!

Enjoy the first day of December

Only 24 sleeps to go (big sleeps that is)

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