One-Day-At-A-Time ~ The Kitchen

And so I begin. My goal this week to clean/tidy/organise the kitchen from Top to Bottom. This will include dum-dum-DUMMMMM....... the tupperware cupboard and ARGGGHHHH......... the OVEN!!!!

Today I will start small and tackle the plate cupboard.... tomorrow who knows

Yummy Cinnamon goodness

Ok, so I happened along this recipe from here, but she mentioned it was originally from here. I just had to work a little 'Egg/Dairy free magic to this great recipe and then we were all enjoying this gorgeous loaf in no time.

So for all you peeps who might have, or be baking for someone who has a egg allergy or a cow's milk allergy then read on...

38 degrees

It's HOT!

Too hot to do much else other than chill at our local pool.

8am and the tempreture outside is already 30 degrees, yup it's gonna be a HOT day.
How is your day going?

Mixer update

Hi there, just thought I'd let you know after talking about a mixer a few posts back, that we got a new Sunbeam Cafe Series mixer for Christmas from my Mother In-law and Father In-law and it is beautiful. I really feel that it deserves a name but I am yet to name any of my inanimate objects.... never really caught on when I was younger and all my friends were naming their first cars and such. Oh well, maybe, one day.

But we are loving the yummy goodness that is exploding out of that magic machine everyday!

Back to that Fudge from that same post, that got me hungering for a good ol' fashioned goo-fest prompted me to create a little home-made fudgey goodness of my own. Now I didn't end up using this recipe as with the milk allergies that the boys have I didn't feel like making my own Sweetened Condensed Milk (oh it can be done people, dairy-free sweetened condensed milk, it just takes time and I wanted that fudge melting in my mouth not a moment longer than needed).

Dairy-Free Chocolate Fudge

You will never now the difference, guaranteed!