It seems that there is a never ending source of crafting opportunities at Christmas time.

I have finally finished off this small wall hanging, with just 7 sleeps to go, Little Brother had said "Sew Santa Mummy, Sew him!" and that was all the motivation I needed. I adapted one one the patterns that came in a kit from here. to come up with this cute little "Ho Ho Ho" wall hanging.

Then I suppose it is time to pack away the machine and have breakfast.

Mint slice tea, peanut butter toast and a paper, that makes for one fine breakfast on a Saturday morning.

Then back for more craft... Reindeer landing food. The idea behind this is that the sparkle will guide the reindeer where to land and then give them something to eat while Santa makes his drop. The boys love it, especially the sprinkling of it all (outside) on Christmas Eve.

Not so carefully

Shake, shake shake!
Only 7 more sleeps till the big day and so many more projects to get started (and finished). Merry Christmas

by Jayden

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Anonymous said...

OH!! I forgot about the reindeer food...thanx for the reminder guys :) Now...lets talk about those brownies....OMG mama you rocked it :)