OMG, I only JUST cleaned out the bottom of my sewing machine a matter of weeks ago... but this is gross. I suppose I do do ALOT of sewing and should really de-dust the machine every needle change, this will be on the 2011 list as a must do.

I noticed yesterday when I was doing the hem on my Ruffle top that it was forming a funny loop on the back of the fabric every now and then. Hmmm last time it did this I re-threaded it, gave it a new needle, changed threads and still couldn't get it to stitch nicely. But then I gave it a good clean out underneath and got some real bunnies out of there! I've had friends tell me stories of finding dead cockroaches in theirs! Yuck.

Someone get a rabbit trap!
So I guess my machine just needed a little love and attention, because now it is back to stitching fantastically!

All nice and clean again! Phew
How long since you've cleaned your machine?

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My Love is..... said...

ohhhhh WOW that is gross...might need a lesson or two on how to get up close and personal with my 'nome ;0