As I had had a very late night, it wasn't surprising that I was still asleep when Big Brother came crashing in, "MUM he drank all the milk and left the bottom of the lamington!" "Can I open the presents now?!" "Pleeeeaaaassseeee?!"

It took him approximately 30 seconds to wake LB when I told him that we have to would wait for him. Ooops. They eagerly opened their Santa gifts while we waited for our guests to arrive

The feast was set and so were our Guests!

When we were all very satisfied we headed off for more presents...
Daddy got a new baby

Mummy got a new baby...
and we all shared, loved, laughed, hugged and were Merry together!
Christmas means alot of things to different families, for us christmas is about
and above everything

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope that you enjoyed your day, however you spent it!

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Anonymous said...

so much to love in this post.... family, food...delicious food, brother love, new baby for the mama oh my!! BUT tell me what the heack is in your man's arms ??