Ok, so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to officially call it playdough or if I should use something like Moulding dough, but this recipe is awesome. I’m sure that many of you already use this great receipe in your house.
We gave LB a ‘Craft dough bucket’ for Christmas and when I brought it I knew not to expect the A grade playdough that you would get in an actual Playdough bucket. But it was half the price and came with some really cool tools! Yesterday we cracked open the bucket and without any home-made dough to use, we resigned ourselves to using the dough that came with the bucket...
And boy did I regret that! It was gross, it stuck to you and even after washing LB’s hands it was still stuck everywhere. It stuck to clothes, shoes and the floor. Now don’t get me wrong the Moulding dough receipe I am going to give you will do all these things to BUT it will simply roll off of their clothes or be able to be picked up by using another ball of dough to stick to. It will not get stuck in your nail bed, table or chairs and have to be scraped off. It will keep for... well I have opened up a container I found about 4 months after making the dough and there was nothing wrong with it, but I do like to make a new batch every month though, just to keep it reasonably fresh and give a new colour too!
This post is inspired by our Friend who dropped by yesterday that commented that he needed to learn how to make moulding dough and had no idea. This is for YOU!

I have another friend that sometimes makes her moulding dough ‘naked’. By omitting the food colouring you will end up with white playdough. You can then pick off smaller portions, press your thumb in the middle and put a couple of drops of colour into them. Fold the dough over the well and allow the kids to knead the dough and discover the colour inside. Thank-you so much for this fab idea!
A few action shots...
Pour in the dry ingredients
Pour in the water, oil and colour

Mix together with a spoon

Knead until it is soft and smooth. Becareful it will be hot!


My Love is..... said...

this playdough recipe is the best...thanx for the link love as well :)

Lisa said...

I've been looking for one of these recipes! you just saved me hitting google! thanks :o)