Slip 'n Slide

It was such a nice (HOT) sunny day on Christmas which was great when LB got a Slip n Slide. So after all the festivities of the day, we came home to cool off. MM decided he didn't want the kids to have all the fun, so he joined in too! and the best way to slide? get the bubble bath!

MM was sliding so much better than the kids, so we put that down to a lack of clothing and stripped the boys off. Boy did they FLY down that plastic then, especially when Dad was bowling them down. All that water and soap, with a lack of clothes, left the boys clean and ready to jump straight into bed after such a big, long day. It was awesome.

MM woke the next morning complaining he was sore and I wonder why! When I showed him all the action shots he could understand why throwing yourself down a super slippery mat unto the ground would do that to you.

And you might wonder, where is the Mama in all that fun?! Totally worn out from Christmas day, that's where. I am just surprised that my action finger worked to take the shots (there were about 200 of them in total). Maybe next time...

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My Love is..... said...

AWESOME PIX!!! What a fun day :)