Things to make...

Ok so I have been a little quiet on the making front lately because I have been working away on a very good friends Wedding Quilt that is a few months OVERDUE. Good thing she loves me, hey?

But as that nears completion (and I begin sewing a new BABY QUILT for that same friend, Yay!) I will be trying to get started on a few of these great projects from A Lemon Squeezy Home. I just love all her GREAT tutorials. They are so up by boys alley!

From here 
from here

from here
 (okay so maybe this isn't up my BOYS alley but it sure would look cute on the Mama)

Ohhh and the Bike Basket too! (but for some reason I couldn't get that pic to load)

So if you are loving some of these pics maybe you should check out some of the great Tutorials over here.


This is the water that is coming out of my taps right now, on a good day! Sometimes it is much worse and resembles pure MUD. It has been like this for months now and we have made a few phone calls to Council who have said things such as "Oh yes, we know, we're flushing SLUDGE out of the pipes at the moment." or "yes, we know and are currently working on it. Is there anything else?"

This is meant to be our DRINKING water! I'm sure there are families out there actually drinking this but we definetely ARE NOT! It is bad enough that my skin is having massive breakouts and I look like a 15 year old right now, I don't think I will chance drinking the SLUDGE. 

So take a look in your glass, what do you see?

New Do!

Ok, so I got sick of looking at that Cocky on the back. BB's hair is just so unrully and just looked untidy no matter how hard I tried to tame it! So after taking a look around at School at all the other boys haircuts I'd have to say that at least 8/10 kids all had hair cuts like this!

So in a matter of minutes we went from this...

to this!

Now LB's hair was gorgeous and I DIDN'T want to buzz his but... what BB has LB wants. I don't think I shaved OFF any years but maybe I SHAVED a FEW ON!

The smile didn't disappear of BB's face all day. He told everyone that it was the best hair cut EVER and that he wanted to keep it forever. I think his cheeks almost busted when he got out of the shower and it was dry just from LOOKING at the towel!

Nothing beats a BUZZ!

Before OHS mattered

No way would this be OK now days (in most places anyway).

This slide has an almost VERTICAL drop!

This was at the wildlife park just outside Gunadah. It cost $5 for adults and $2.50 for > 5yrs. Bargain!

BB was a little startled when he was checking out the cockies and was greated with a VERY loud "HELLO" followed by a few "pretty boys". Why thank-you, I do agree!

A few shingle backs or as they are more effectionately known here as BOG -EYES!

It took us 2 hours to travel less than 50km away from our "home away from home" but we had FUN! and that's all that counts.

The things I love about camping... # 6


Crystal Kingdom in Coonabarrabran. BTW anyone wanting to go to that really corny/kewl kiddie park "MINILAND" that you went to when YOU were a kid... it actually closed in the 1990's! Boooo

Visiting the Golden Guitar at Tamworth. Not sure why but this was a HIT, especially with LB.

This one was for POP. Chad Morgan, trend setter!

Nothing wrong with my boys eyesight. They spotted this off the side of the road, covered by trees while we were ZOOMING along the road. We just had to go back and check it out!

At the Oxley look out in Tamworth and hey it's ME in the picture this time.

Enjoying the moment of warm sunshine at the water park in our camping back-yard.

Oh happy days!

Happy Easter!

Today the boys woke up to find these cute jammies from Mum and Dad! Aren't they cute? Oh and 100% FAT FREE!

I got the Fabric from Cobar Quilt Shop. And Oh My she has a mega range of flannel in at the moment! Especially for the littlies.

It's hard to find Dairy Free Eggs here, hence the jammie bottoms. There is 1 shop that get them in but the variety is limited to a choice of 2, and neither 1 is in the shape of an Egg.

On an amazingly GREAT note, our supermarket now stocks IGA chocolate... yeah so what you might say, nothing beats Cadbury! Well if you can't have milk then this is AWESOME news. IGA brand Dark Chocolate contains NO MILK PRODUCTS! Up until now we would have to stock up on Whittakers dark Chocolate everytime we went to a large shopping centre (600km at least round trip) and sometimes it gets a little melted. Oh and it tastes just devine!

Happy Easter!

FREE patterns

I do need to interrupt The Things I love about camping saga to share this with you all...

Along the way as you go from a Friend of a blog to a Friend of a blog you can come across some pretty amazing blogs. I happened across this one this morning who are doing a MONTH OF FREE PATTERNS. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Check it out.

The things I love about camping... # 5


The things I love about camping... # 4


Yes, it would appear that all we eat on camping is salad but I can asure you that that is not the case. Sometimes the food is just too yummy and I eat it all before even thinking of getting the camera. Maybe MM has a few picks of the yummy stew that we had with our home-made bread. I will have to hunt down his phone and check it out later...

In the mean time, this is BB's damper that he made. He prepared the dough ALL BY HIMSELF! He wrapped it around a stick and put some al-foil around it then I took over and cooked it on the hot coals!
Boy this was nice, and I love it that BB is feeling, and getting, very big and helpful!

Oh and camping wouldn't be camping with out dessert! And yes, it's SMORES! Oh smores, I LOVE YOU! It really does make a meal out of dessert. I can eat only 3 of these babies before I feel full, yet I could eat the whole bag of marshmallows before I even thought about stopping.

The thing is the Dark chocolate that we have to use is very thick and wasn't melting when the marshmallow went on... I solved the problem by having it sit by the fire while the marshmallow cooked. I had tried just using Chocolate mud-spead (nut-free, dairy free version of Nutella) but it just went TOO gooey and ran out of the biscuit.

So are you drooling yet?

My MIL asked if i had a recipe for the apple crumble that we made last time we went camping...
I have looked on Roothy's website but couldn't find it there. It was on one of his DVD's I watched ages ago and being Roothy it didn't really have quanities...

It went something like this.

1 Tin of Pie Apples
sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

In another bowl, mix plain flour (maybe about 1/2 Cup - 3/4 Cup) with 1 - 2 LARGE tablespoons of marg/butter, until it looks like bread crumbs.

Mix in brown-sugar (about the same amount that you used for the flour) and sprinkle on top.

Then cook (for 1 beer's worth of time).

Hope this helps

The things I love about camping... # 3


The things I love about camping... # 2


We gave fishing a go but were sorry to say that no fish took to us. Maybe if we had a boat?  I heard that there was a fishing day on just before we got there and they were catching HEAPS, maybe the fish just got smart?!

But when fishing isn't working... don't be disheartened you can still CATCH something...

 Here is Daddy teaching the boys how to lay the trap. A bucket, stick, rope and a drop of bread. 

There were about 30 of these screaching birds from the second we landed here in paradise. No nice song from a magpie to wake me up, just these squarking things! Maybe I should have made black bird pie.

One of the many successful trappings. BB had it down pat by the end and was SUPER impressed that he was pulling the rope at the right time and catching them all by him-self. He was even more excited, if that was possible, when he managed to catch 2 at the same time...

The boys took turns to release their prey back to their family.


The things I love about camping... # 1


The thing about my boys is that they LOVE LOVE LOVE water! No matter how cold it is or anything else, they will find the smallest bit of water and just play, until you MAKE them stop!

It was a bit chilli on our holiday but not to worry these tubs were filled with nice warm water off the fire.

And when it gets too breezy? No problem, Welcome to "HOW TO BATH WIND FREE - 101"

Home away from Home

Welcome to our Home away from Home. We have spent a good many days of our school holidays here and over the next few days I will share some of our trip with you all.

This was our third time taking out the Camper and I have to admit that it is nice having all the luxuries of HOME, especially this time coz we took our own camping-loo! Many more adventures to be had in this little baby.

Easter hat parades

It wouldn't be Easter with out a Hat parade now would it?

... or tiny fingers covered in chocolate!