What did I do before?

I guess after the sewing projects that have been pumping outta my little sew room I have had to ask myself 'what did you do before?' Yes I worked but I never felt that I had this much time to utilise. It must be my new role as home executive that has shown an increase in my organisational skills! Tonight I have 2 new creations started and finished, yes it is midnight but I feel so proud that I am finishing projects and not just starting all the time. The Buttercup bag, pattern here, was made completely from fabric from my Stash! and although I don't have a mega stash (don't worry I am feeding it now and I will soon have a very plump little mound to call my own) I can still feel that nice wave come over me as I dream about the fabrics that could fill the gap.

Project 1 was a recipe book cover. Made entirely from new fabrics from here that I brought today although I did reach into the stash for some wadding scraps!

Project number 2 was made for ME! I LOVE this moda fabric, it is so cute and I have been wanting to make this bag for months now but just haven't for some reason or another. Enter my MIL, here for a quick visit on their way back home, she spotted the Buttercup bag pattern and was smitten. So armed with fabrics in her favourite colour (pink) and me with mine we started creating. Her creating was cut a little short as she has spent today on crutches and will probably spend the next few more on them too! and needed to lay down. It definetly doesn't feel like a very lucky household at the minute, not with Little Brothers chin and now my MIL's twisted ankle. Although ask me tomorrow when I'm sporting my new little beauty and I will feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I brought another bag pattern today that I will endeavour to get to in the next week, man I think I'm feeling a little addiction starting...

I loved the bag pattern as it was but with a little inspiration lately that the world looks better with ruffles in it I decided that I too needed a little more ruffle in my life. I had an after thought while stitching the lining and bag outer together and thought that this bag would look super with that ruffle inserted into that seam instead of where I have put it in this one. My next one will for sure have the ruffle moved up a little higher!
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I'll second that colleen even better IRL! well done mama your rocking your new role big time :)