Playing with Angels

I am not sure what has happened to my time, although it seems that everytime you gloat about something it changes. Kinda like when you say, "our baby boy has had dry night nappies from 2 weeks now! Yay, lets try those big boy undies" and then he wets 2 nights in a row... hmmm. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that I felt I had oodles of time and was pumping out the creations. But here is a link to what I've been up to, but beware, what you are about to see may be addictive and cause waves of ohhhs and arhhhs. I love this quilt.

You have been warned!

Have a great Thursday!


Colleen said...

Beautiful job Sarah, well done, and THANK YOU!

My Love is..... said...

ohhhhs and ahhhs are right sarah you toatlly rocked these quilt tops :)