Today we came home realising it is only 11 more sleeps until the big day! The FIRST day! The beginning of a whole lotta schoolin'

I still need to get another shirt and shorts pair but other than that we are READY! Excited much.

But today we just couldn't wait another 11 more sleeps we just had to try all that new stuff on.
New shoes, new socks, new shirt, new hat!

I LOVE that you LOVE school and I can't wait either. Love you Monkey. X


Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, you make your granny's heart beat fast with pride. What a big boy!

StEpHaNiE said...

oh i remember when he was a baby. Big boy now mum what will you do with yourself.
Hes gonna love it
And he looks so cute too :)

Miss Hayley said...

I love him! Good luck little man you will love it! x