Day tripping

I remember 'Day-tripping' when we lived in the Whitsundays brought ideas of swimmers, boats, cocktails for morning tea, secluded beaches and lazy days, but now...

Scorching tempretures, dirt and dust, long drives, fishing, flies (thankfully none today though) and wildlife! But incase this sounds second best I also need to mention that it now includes my 3 most favourite people!

Sometime during breakfast today I suggested a quick drive out of town and over to Louth. I grew up here and have never been so I figured today was the day! After all it is only 130km. So over we headed, Me a newbie on dirt roads, absolutly rocking it! Boys were great (No DVD players permitted on this trip, just good old family chatting), and the weather was good (until we stepped out of the car, but we'll get to that soon).

Ready to go!

First stop was Louth

Spot of fishing! Patience is something yet to be learnt!
Bite to eat! "Hey Mum, check out my mustache!"
A run throught the sprinkler

WHAT! Fluffy chickens.
The meal that we had at Louth pub was amazing. I had fish and MM had a steak Sandwich but he also said how delicious it was. Sorry, no pics, I was so shocked that before I knew it the whole meal was gone and I was left dreaming of my next drive to Louth, just to get a bite to eat!

The boys got sufficiently drenched in the sprinkler, trying to cool off. They think it really is quite crazy to have dogs just wandering around inside the pub and outside on the patio, let alone to have fluffy chickens just wander in.

Then it came time to go... hmmmm do we head back the way we came or do 2 birds with 1 stone and hit Tilpa on the way home? TILPA IT IS! So with scorching tempretures outside we retreated to the car and headed out along the road. A much nicer road, I will admit than the road leading into Louth.

Next stop, Tilpa.

Knocking back a couple coldies before exploring time.
Yes we're watching the kids, can't you tell?
Free roaming sheep
37 degrees in the SHADE people, really? Who's  idea was this again?
BB doing 'selfies'
Exploring the river. To use the bridge or not use the bridge? That is the question!
Tilpa was good. Boys were very excited to see a sheep just wandering about! BB took a picture of it while Mum and Dad sat back enjoying a cool drink. We also found a spider that while Mum was lining the camera MACRO shot up, LB decided to poke it! We had been having the talk about snakes all day and how we don't touch animals in the bush, but what does he do? POKES IT!

BB had been given the camera at Tipla and been told to go take a few shots. He was not gone long before he came running back showing me how he could take pictures of himself (very impressive). Then I was told to "PULL MY EARS MUM! PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!" I didn't understand until he stuck the camera up in between us. He really is getting very creative.

Then we headed off home, along a less desirable road than any other we had travelled for the day!, just in time to eat the last of our New Years Party leftovers. What an amazing day, now we just need to decide where do we go to next?

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Colleen said...

It looks like you all had a fantastic day out.