...was a an experience.
We headed out yesterday lunch time for Nyngan, our first campout with the new trailer since we got it before Christmas. All set for a fun filled, family adventure. We knew, being our first camping adventure that it would be a learning experience. But really? Did we have to learn so so much in just 24 hours?
Lesson 1 – Be sure to pack the gas bottle. I’m sure this seems obvious, especially since they have those nifty little holders on the sides of the trailer but hey, I’m just saying, check that you have that little bottle of ‘dinner’ firmly attached.
Lesson 2 – Always inspect childrens play area, with them well away, by bashing the bananas out of it with a big stick, if a large swarm of wasps DOESN’T come out and bite you and your babies all over, then send them in, it’s SAFE.
Lesson 3 – Ice makes wasp bites better
Lesson 4 – Do not determine your camping spot based purely for shade. Even if the chance of rain is slim to none. Large dips are not good places to be.
Lesson 5- If your can makes a buzzing sound, you are not just being paranoid, there might actually be a Bee in there.
Lesson 6 – If you are camped by a beautiful river, then go swimming first. It just might be awesome and the absolute highlight of your trip!
Now I did add a few more points to my list of things that need to be repacked in a better position for us but these are the biggies that I think might apply to others as much as they applied to us.
I am pretty sure that this is the kind of camping trip that could make or break establishing new family traditions but we (I) am willing to give it another go. But if our second trip is this chaos (and pain) filled then I will swear off camping and be selling off an almost brand new camp trailer.
We didn't check out these play areas before the kiddies headed off, while we unpacked, but in hindsight I should have.

 The dreaded slide that harboured a wasp nest and stung me moments after I took this picture on  my back and leg, and then poor Big Brother was stung 3 times on his feet and once on his back. Little brother was screaming and crying too but no bites could be found on him, thankfully.

 This was the sting on my back after it happened.
 This is the sting today, still very swollen and sore. Man these guys hurt.
 And then it rained, who am I kidding, it POURED!
 Our nice shaddy spot under a tree, but in a dip.
A good chance for the boys to run and play in the rain and puddles though. Definetly a highlight.
Then to warm up we headed to the shower, which was home to many little green frogs. Fine by me, but not so fine by Little Brother who screamed through his whole shower and mine. There weren't even any frogs in our shower at the time, it was just the fact that they were next door. But by the end of the camping trip he was very gently, with wet hands of course, patting the little critters. Talk about leaps and bounds!

Some of our other froggy friends who tried to come home with us. Check out that little teeny tiny brown frog. Camo or what?

The caravan park are home to a dwarf shetlan pony, many colourful birds and a friendly guinea pig or two.

A lovely swim in the river before a BBQ lunch, then the long drive home.

 But I had to show hubby that I had not just become a paranoid worry wort from the swarm of wasps. When my can of drink made a buzzing sound I just had to tip it out into a bottle to show him that there was in fact a bug in my drink. Not just a bug though, a BEE. Like I hadn't been stung enough already.
Home Sweet Home

Have you been camping lately? Please tell me that you trip was better than mine and give me something to look forward to...


My Love is..... said...

oh sarah! Im so glad your giving it another go!!

StEpHaNiE said...

Wow you took some great pics.
plenty more times of camping ahead and those lesson will be learned