Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce

Today from the garden I scored a bounty of chilli’s and had a super idea to make it into a Yummy, Oh so scrummy, Sweet Chilli Sauce. I love the generic stuff that you get in the supermarket so of course homemade would be even BETTER! I began to look for recipes on the net but due to internet crashing I only managed to get the list of ingredients; chilli’s, vinegar, water, sugar, garlic. I had no idea of quantities so I just had to wing it. My Man loves his hot chilli sauces and I love the chilli/sweetness, so I figured that if it turned out too chilli, he would eat it and if it turned out really yummy I would help too. I am already dreaming of the wedges that I will dip into it... mmmm
Firstly I had to cut the chilli’s open and remove all those pesky firey seeds! No problems there.
 Then I had to process them into little teeny tiny bits...  mmmm teeny tiny bits. Now up until now things had been gong smashingly until... What’s that you have an itch, well scratch it ‘Whoa hold on girlfriend, not with your hand use you wrist! That doesn’t have any chilli on it’ WRONG! First my nose felt like I had smeared chilli all over it then my eyes began to burn and then who knows what, because I was only capable of screaming in agony. My Man was very quick to get me the milk from the fridge, to wash, rub, snort, gargle, inhale, whatever just to stop the noise (for some reason he thought it might be distressful for the boys so see Mummy screaming in agony!) Ye-ow-sa! He was very quick to get the camera out and start snapping pics saying "you are going to blog this, right?"

So then I decided to take the pot outside and boil/simmer it away out there. I figured that this would stop the house being consumed with deadly chilli pot fumes. It took me over an hour of simmering to reduce it till I was happy. The first time I didn’t have enough water/sugar in there and it was just a pot full of chilli with no sweet at all. So I had to add more sugar/water and start boiling again! Meanwhile my hands are still burning, my fingers are currently still too swollen to wear my rings.

So at long last I had produced a large bottle of homemade, full-o-goodness, Sweet Chilli Sauce. My Man was the first to try it, he stuck his finger in and was like “yeah, it’s ok” so I stuck my finger in and then made a screaming dash for the kitchen (again) as my tongue melted away. Not what I was expecting at all, I put so much sugar in it but it really didn’t have much sweetness at all.  I wonder why people started eating chillis back a long time ago. I mean they are red, which doesn’t that mean ‘stay away’ when you are looking for bush tucker? And they really aren’t that great to just pull from the bush and munch into.  Do you think it could have started as a war tactic? To feed the enemy local ‘fire plants’ and then attack when they were rolling around like twits? Maybe eating chillis became a Super Power! Now you are probably wondering if I feel that it was all worth it in the end, to have a jar of homemade goodness and that sense of accomplishment? Well...

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, no questions asked, I am 100% sure that the answer is NO!
I will be purchasing my sweet chilli premade in a jar thank-you very much!
So tell me, because I know your Saturday was better than mine, what did you get up to today?
Enjoy the weekend folks.


Colleen said...

Oh, no. I hope your feeling better, and the boys are'nt too distressed!
We had a very relaxing afternoon and watched Wyatt Earp.

My Love is..... said...

OH Sarah! Maybe your allergic?? I am pretty proud that you stuck with it though...particularly love the outdoor cooking part .... well done :)

StEpHaNiE said...

Oh my bless ill give making that a one miss lol
You know i hated chillis before but i have a taste for them in some of my foods now.