Ah ha, you thought I had been making pies didn't you? You saw the blog title and started dreaming about what flavour pie it could be! Oh how I wish I had made pies and that was what this post was all about. Well these pies I definetly won't be eating, these are of the MUD variety, no not Choccy mud, JUST MUD. Well that's probably not entirely true, I'm sure that there are some sticks and or bugs in there too.

Which means that the kiddies had all the fun making them, destroying them and showering each other in mud, leaving the Mamma to do the hosing down, washing up and washing off all that mud. Yuck. I really am a bit of a Nancy when it comes to getting my hands dirty.



My Love is..... said...

HA! I was thinking wow I didnt know you followed collingwood in the AFL! LOVE these pix so much !

Colleen said...

I was thinking "apple"!