I have a very healthy respect for the stay at home parent. It is hard work at times, anyone who says it isn't probably hasn't tried it for a long period before. So naturally when I went from working full time to being at home full time I knew there would be an adjustment period. Mostly for me.

It is listening to other parents and discovering things that seem so obvious to me now but didn't at the time. Now I'm not going to deny that I kinda like things to turn out exactly like I planned (hard to do when everything you do involves a 2 and 4 year old) but I'm learning.

Normally when we make scones such as here, Mum measures the ingredients into a container and the kids tip it all in. Then Mum gets her hands dirty and the boys 'assist' me to cut out the shapes. I have let them cut by them selves a couple times before and they were definetly not gentle with the dough nor were they bearing a nice 'cut' edge that is required for scones to rise. So I took back the reigns and they were allowed to help my hand cut.

I know writing this makes no sense at all, they are kids they should be learning and having fun getting messy and all, so thanks to a little inspiration from a few friends I decided to give them a ball of dough each that they could pick their own cutter and shape it how ever they wanted it, meanwhile I still had a lump of dough myself that I could form the perfectly scone shaped treats for me and My Man to eat. Kids were much more involved and I was still a happy Mama, with a little more mess to clean up but still a happy Mama.

And anyways their scones turned out fabulous, they were just as big as mine and I bet that, for them, they tasted even better becuase they had made them all by themselves.

As I grow I am happy to say that I am learning every day.

Happy Tuesday.


StEpHaNiE said...

As long as they taste good who cares what they look like.
Thats what i say about dinner sometimes lol
Where going through a few learning curves in our home aswell.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you steph! But one things for sure your scones sure are tasty sarah!! Well done on giving the boys some hands on in the kitchen... we are making marshmallow berry muffins this arvo!!