Things to make...

Ok so I have been a little quiet on the making front lately because I have been working away on a very good friends Wedding Quilt that is a few months OVERDUE. Good thing she loves me, hey?

But as that nears completion (and I begin sewing a new BABY QUILT for that same friend, Yay!) I will be trying to get started on a few of these great projects from A Lemon Squeezy Home. I just love all her GREAT tutorials. They are so up by boys alley!

From here 
from here

from here
 (okay so maybe this isn't up my BOYS alley but it sure would look cute on the Mama)

Ohhh and the Bike Basket too! (but for some reason I couldn't get that pic to load)

So if you are loving some of these pics maybe you should check out some of the great Tutorials over here.

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