So I just LOVE fresh homemade bread. My Man on the other hand does not. So I generally just go with the flow and haven't made the big push for a bread maker, yet!

So for some reason or another I thought that I would make it all by hand! Really BIG, but tasty, mistake.

Once it was all mixed together it said to 'knead vigourously for 10 minutes', so I began. 2 minutes in my hands were aching, my arms hurt and I kept looking at that clock watching the ticking hand that appeared to be going backwards. But I made it, eventually, and then let it to rise. 40 minutes later the dough took shape and was left for another 40 minutes to rise again. Then into a nice HOT oven and Ta-da. Homemade rolls for our Friday night Fake-away dinner.

Then out came my homemade meat patties, bacon, onion, lettuce, beetroot and BBQ sauce so create our Fake-away. Generally we would order $2 of chips to go on the side but the homemade burger buns were ginormous and I don't think they would've fitted on the plate.

And so admist munching on fresh from the oven homemade goodness I forgot to toast the buns but it didn't matter these buns ROCKED my WORLD! The only complaint I got was that it was TOO big to fit into MM's mouth. Not to worry he over came that pretty quick with the new technique of a bite from the top... and a bit from the bottom.

What's your favourite Fake-Out meal?


Colleen said...

Mmmmm. They look so good!You can cook them next time we get an invite if you like. It doesn't help that I'm starving right now.

Anonymous said...

OMG....delicious...well done on the rolls especially :)