I feel so naughty! Because how ever I try to spin this I know that you know my secret plan... so I'm just not going to try and hide it!

Ever had one of those days that the energy level is at an all time high and it doesn't feel like you have kids anymore, more like those crazy little dogs that run around absolutly nuts, jump on you, lick your face and then go crazy again? Mum you know what I'm taking about ;-)

In simple terms, they went FERAL!

Lightbulb moment! Why not give them a plastic bag and call it a kite! Because they are gonna have to run really REALLY fast to keep it in the air.

I am pleased to say that after 15 minutes of hard-core running to keep those kites up, I had 2 littlies that played alot more calmer and quieter (for at least a half an hour anyways).

What else do you do to keep you kiddies amused?

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