Happy Easter!

Today the boys woke up to find these cute jammies from Mum and Dad! Aren't they cute? Oh and 100% FAT FREE!

I got the Fabric from Cobar Quilt Shop. And Oh My she has a mega range of flannel in at the moment! Especially for the littlies.

It's hard to find Dairy Free Eggs here, hence the jammie bottoms. There is 1 shop that get them in but the variety is limited to a choice of 2, and neither 1 is in the shape of an Egg.

On an amazingly GREAT note, our supermarket now stocks IGA chocolate... yeah so what you might say, nothing beats Cadbury! Well if you can't have milk then this is AWESOME news. IGA brand Dark Chocolate contains NO MILK PRODUCTS! Up until now we would have to stock up on Whittakers dark Chocolate everytime we went to a large shopping centre (600km at least round trip) and sometimes it gets a little melted. Oh and it tastes just devine!

Happy Easter!

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