New Do!

Ok, so I got sick of looking at that Cocky on the back. BB's hair is just so unrully and just looked untidy no matter how hard I tried to tame it! So after taking a look around at School at all the other boys haircuts I'd have to say that at least 8/10 kids all had hair cuts like this!

So in a matter of minutes we went from this...

to this!

Now LB's hair was gorgeous and I DIDN'T want to buzz his but... what BB has LB wants. I don't think I shaved OFF any years but maybe I SHAVED a FEW ON!

The smile didn't disappear of BB's face all day. He told everyone that it was the best hair cut EVER and that he wanted to keep it forever. I think his cheeks almost busted when he got out of the shower and it was dry just from LOOKING at the towel!

Nothing beats a BUZZ!


Anonymous said...

awwww cute boys!

Miss Hayley said...

BB looks sooooo grown up! We miss you guys!