The things I love about camping... # 4


Yes, it would appear that all we eat on camping is salad but I can asure you that that is not the case. Sometimes the food is just too yummy and I eat it all before even thinking of getting the camera. Maybe MM has a few picks of the yummy stew that we had with our home-made bread. I will have to hunt down his phone and check it out later...

In the mean time, this is BB's damper that he made. He prepared the dough ALL BY HIMSELF! He wrapped it around a stick and put some al-foil around it then I took over and cooked it on the hot coals!
Boy this was nice, and I love it that BB is feeling, and getting, very big and helpful!

Oh and camping wouldn't be camping with out dessert! And yes, it's SMORES! Oh smores, I LOVE YOU! It really does make a meal out of dessert. I can eat only 3 of these babies before I feel full, yet I could eat the whole bag of marshmallows before I even thought about stopping.

The thing is the Dark chocolate that we have to use is very thick and wasn't melting when the marshmallow went on... I solved the problem by having it sit by the fire while the marshmallow cooked. I had tried just using Chocolate mud-spead (nut-free, dairy free version of Nutella) but it just went TOO gooey and ran out of the biscuit.

So are you drooling yet?

My MIL asked if i had a recipe for the apple crumble that we made last time we went camping...
I have looked on Roothy's website but couldn't find it there. It was on one of his DVD's I watched ages ago and being Roothy it didn't really have quanities...

It went something like this.

1 Tin of Pie Apples
sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

In another bowl, mix plain flour (maybe about 1/2 Cup - 3/4 Cup) with 1 - 2 LARGE tablespoons of marg/butter, until it looks like bread crumbs.

Mix in brown-sugar (about the same amount that you used for the flour) and sprinkle on top.

Then cook (for 1 beer's worth of time).

Hope this helps

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