A perfect fit

Do you remember my first attempt at the Tappan Zee pattern?

It came out really big and saggy. That'll teach me for not swatching!

Then I started on my second attempt. No, I didn't swatch this one either, but I should have since I was changing yarn and sizes but luckily it came out great! My pics don't really show it but the colour of the yarn is actually COKE BOTTLE RED!

I love teaming it with a deep purple top or a nicy navy dress. And boy do I love this pattern, I will definetly be doing this one again.

I have cast on a beautiful purple shawl a few weeks ago that I am slowly nutting away at. It's 2 ply! Scary and probably going to take me until NEXT winter to finish but it's gonna be so pretty, I can't wait! but will have to. *sigh*

What are you knitting at the minute?

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