A gift from Granny

On a recent trip to Sydney for 'work', if you could call spending all day wandering around looking at Quilts WORK(!), Granny returned with a gift for the boys and for the Mama as well.

Sock Monkey Kits

Now I had never made these before but think that I managed to turn a pair of socks and a bag of stuffing into something quite extraordinary. The boys helped to stuff their monkeys and Big Bro took his to school for their TOYS module.

The first one took me about 4 hours to make (with Big Bro's assistance), and I was seriously thinking of giving the second one back to Granny to do but got stuck into it anyways and it took less than 2. I guess when you know what you're doing it gets easier.

I love how they both are different and each has it's own personality. So far Little Bro named his MONKEY and Big Bro has names his GEORGE-SOCK MONKEY- LUKE SKYWALKER. Now that's not 4 names that are interchanged. That is his full, must be used in length every time, name.

Have you made any toys before?

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