A game for the adventurous


No matter where you live, they are all over the world.

It's kind of like a game of hide and seek, using GPS co-ordinates. Sometimes there are little things you can swap and sometimes just a log book. There are cute little buttons that you can collect called Pathtags and also things like Geo-Coins which you can take and hide in another cache.

I have downloaded the C.geo application for my android, which downloads from the geocaching.com website and we have been finding heaps.Grab a friend or two and let the little kids hunt alongside the big kids (Ha, otherwise known as Mum and Dad). The program has a compass that will point the kids in the direction they need to go and then counts down until you are there.

They boys have soooo much fun looking through the little swap boxes for things to swap out, there are alot of 'bush' hides out here which are good for the kids because their hiding spots are generally pretty easy to find and most of them are swaps.

But sometimes, and generally in town/busy areas it's just a log and more for the Grown-ups. Check this one out...

Cleverly hidden by a friend of ours it is so so tiny that if you didn't know what you were looking for it would appear to be a bolt perhaps. Can you beleive that INSIDE this tiny little thing is a log that you can sign?

So we have just 4 geo-caches left in Cobar to find, we have completed Nyngan and now we are going to take a day trip or two and head out further just for the thrill of the find. Thank goodness those friends of ours are hiding more...

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