And so it began

You might remember back earlier in the year when I sewed this BOM or this one...

Well I have started another. These are just so addictive especially when you see the Oh-so-cute fabric packs that CQS have to go with the patterns!

As I was returning the Ally Gator block to the CQS, I had Little Bro with me who cried and cried because he wanted to keep his 'RILEY'. The picture below is the actual fabrics that you get in your kit from CQS.

Riley was a crocodile from the Animal Sanctuary in Townsville a year or so ago and oh boy did he want to keep this block. But that's OK coz Mama is LOVING these blocks!

So we set about picking a new set of fabrics (these are not the ones that you get in the kit) but something with a little RED. This is what we both picked.

So I cut and vlisofixed and got this far that afternoon while he slept.

Now he was happy, it kinda got left here and nothig much came of it, until one bright and early morning that just seemed perfect for a Little Bro project.

I was going to make a pillow case but decided that there were enought floating throughout my linen space.

I ripped one of the seams open and top-stitched the panel onto it. And Ta-da. In no more than an hour I had appliqued (by machine of course), attached RILEY to his new home and restitched the pillow seam.

Now if only I could get a nice smile from him and not this over-the-top cheese face!

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