I'm back!

I finished a project or two that I have been working on for quite a while today and got them in the mail and all. They are being shipped off to a good friend and I hope they arrive before her new bubba.

I had decided that my blog, or reading all the other blogs on my reading list, were becoming all too distracting and that I REALLY needed to finished off a wedding quilt from almost, not quite, 12 months ago!

I grabbed a favourite, funky layer cake and just started cutting it! I'm kinda brave (sometimes silly) like that. Most times it works out for me and the very rare occasion it doesn't... well lets just not talk about that. It is a little crumpled looking because it has been folded up for a while waiting on the binding to be hand stitched. But I am happy with the end project and wanted to keep it for myself, so I am hoping that means they will love it too!

This one is for her new little Man who is due on the 31st, and today I posted them off. I had started this one a while ago and spent 2 hours echo quilting around the middle block images but decided that I didn't like it, so that meant I had to unpick it. This resulted in the project sitting on my table for a month or two waiting to be unpicked before I could get back to quilting it. I hate unpicking but am a believer that if you are unhappy with the way a project is going you should stop now because it is easier to fix now and be happy with the project, rather than finish it off and never use/look at it again. I do hope that this little quilt will make it up there before the new Little Man arrives. Although I'm pretty sure that she is happy to waiver the remaining 23 days or so.

So now that I am finished these projects I can finally look back into my sewing room and finish off some more projects.

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