Yes I am considering becoming a pastry chef/cake decorator, just for this 1 very busy month of the year. I have another post for Birthday cake. This is definetly not the time of year to start, or continue a healthy eating plan that doesn't include CAKE.

I just wanted to cover the outside of this cake in green coconut for grass but didn't think the kids would love it quite so much. Hmmm 

Magical cake that makes your tongue go BLUE!

Made for a special friends birthday as part of his gift. I was quite surprised that my boys didn't tell him the secret inside.


Jellywares said...

Wow!!! Now that is one totally AWESOME cake Sarah!!!

You sure are one very clever Mumma and I am totally rackin' your brain for how you did this super cool cake next time we meet up..

Cheers - Jodie :)

StEpHaNiE said...

oh i missed this post awesome cake
great job :)

Miss Hayley said...

Thank you so much... He keeps talking about his 'car' birthday... now for the real birthday he wants a tractor! Pressure is on! Can you mail cakes? ONce again Thank you sooooo much. Love Us x