I am so happy to say that this most recent camping trip went soooo much better than our first! This time we grabbed a friend or two and all headed over to the Warrumbungles National Park. It was a quick trip but we had a great time.

We threw in the boys bikes and ever since Little Brother has been obsessed with his bike insisting on riding it practically everywhere. The boys love being outdoors and thought it was great fun trying to sneak up on these unsuspecting Kangaroos!

Right on our backdoor we had a little creek that was flowing. Trying to keep 'Red boy' outta that water with those super cute Cowboy boots proved to be a little difficult.

I love this picture of Little Brother taking a swing. The world is whizzing by and I get a little motion sick each time I look at it. Oh dear, I can't wait to get to the theme parks when the boys are older and scream my guts out on all the fast rides but each year older I get the more queezy I get, just looking at swings. Gulp.

We went to look at the exploratory. Boys didn't seem very interested in doing anything other than running around like headless chickens.

Bushwalking was great. We headed up the experienced track, yep because that was the silliest thing to do but anyways, and stopped when we reached this point. Scrambling up rocks on my knees and sheer rock drops with 3 very excited little guys who loved to be 10 steps ahead all the way, was just too nerve racking, thank you.

 Big Brother and Mumma having a rest before making the long hike down again.
Yep, the long hike down...
We also packed water pistols and the boys had a great time, they just need to spray AWAY from the tent please! Oh and that fire cooked some delicious marshmallows, I just forgot the crackers and chocolate for SMORES. Next time I will certainly not forget that one!!!!

But all in all this trip certainly didn't feel like camping, not with a nice warm shower (road side in my underwear - that bit mighta felt a bit like camping, but not the cleanliness that followed)
Dinners were beautiful. Stew the first night and then a delicous salad the second. Mmmm this tasted so good.

Even dessert was covered each night we were there! Thanks Ruthy for a yummy camping 1 pot recipe.
So after this weekend I am super happy to say that camping was a good time, just needed to pack those crackers, chocolate and my knitting next time.

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Anonymous said...

So jealous I missed out on this one...but so proud of our friends for getting out there!!Love the cute hat and the "experienced" walking the boys are really rocking it!! Knitting is definitely a must pack...ohhhh and smores.... mmmmmm.... the smores !!