ANZAC goodness

Ohhh how we heart ANZAC biscuits in our house. They are such a simple recipe and quick to bake too.

The trick is getting these yummy balls of tasty dough into the final product that can be crunchy or soft or a bit of both, mmmm. And so I've found a way, well sort of!

Now days when I make a batch of biscuit dough I make a double batch and freeze the leftover in a long round log.
Ready for the unexpected playdate or if you are in the mood for homemade goodness without the desire to clean the spilt flour from the floor or the buttery handprints from the cupboards.

 Just grab a roll, peel of the cling wrap, slice into rounds and pop onto baking trays. See that took all of 2 minutes and the oven has barely begun to get hot!

The added bonus, I feel, is that I am sooo much less likely to want to eat the raw dough because I have only looked at it for less than 2 minutes. My will power can only hold out so long you see, but 2 minutes I seem to be able to handle. Phew.

 I kind of laughed when I pulled out my biscuits today, it just felt like Goldilocks and the 3 bears a bit. Only 10 minutes for the first batch so they are soft all over for Dad, 11 minutes for the Mumma coz she likes it both ways, little crunch on the outer and a little soft in the middle and 12 minutes for the Boys coz they want 'em crunchy all over.

The Daddy bear has made these with the Boys a few times and likes to change it up a bit. One time he made sausage shapes about as long as his finger and as skinny as too, then baked them. the boys thought it was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s that they had 'SCHMACKO'S' <--- Did I spell that right? You know what I'm talking about... yep, dog treats! But hey, they LOVED them and that made Dad feel super proud. I would prefer to think of them more like the shape of a meusli bar though, just feels better.

Happy baking peops.


Anonymous said...

lol.... love this post!! Best part is... unexpected playdate check.... slice off 1/2 a dozen to bake and through the rest back in the freezer YAY.

Nara said...

Wow Sarah...what a great idea!!! will definatly be doing this next time we bake cookies at our house!!!..thanks :)