Child labour

On days like today when I begin cleaning the house I wonder why I go to the park sometimes and don't just pull out the vaccum. I am followed everywhere by Little Brother who just LOVES to help.

Being a wee bit smaller than me and a touch more agile he is able to get to all those 'hard to reach places'

Cartoons? Bleh... there's cleaning to be done Mum

What to do when Mum takes to long to get the vaccum for you.

Everything is done with extra GUSTO

... and the best part? When all the cleaning is done, we have spent a fun morning together, house is clean and Little Brother should hopefully have a rest, so the Mama can sit, take off her shoes and ENJOY the cleanliness before you can blink and it's gone!


Anonymous said...

What a cute boy!!

Colleen said...

I love these photo's. We should all put in as much effort!

StEpHaNiE said...