First knitty for 2011

Whoop whoop! I have just finished my first MAJOR knitting project and am so happy with it (well almost)

The only thing is I could fit double my chest into this little baby and that means the neckline is VERY wide and I get the feeling that it will drop a bit more and be even wider. That will teach me for not knitting a guage swatch first! So... this little number I think will be Grandmas birthday present this year and I will start another, the next size down for ME.

I had the perfecto dress picked out to wear with this little number, I had hot red necklaces to co-ordinate, I dreamed of bright sunny yellow topped with a beautiful Blue... so many possibilities for this one. Not to worry. I am thinking though that I could still make mine in this navy, or I could go turn about and pick a hot red to make instead and wear the navy necklace... oh how it would have been so much easier if you had fit me!!!!

The pattern was a freebie over here, where might I add I just finished posting my first project onto Ravelry!!! I am starting to get the hang of it... and I got my supplies from this lil store.


My Love is..... said...

Love the boots shorts and cardi look...well done mama you rocked it !

Colleen said...

I LOVE this. The colour really suits you.