Received with thanks...

Last weekend a Friend dropped me off a few metres of a fantastic satin fabric. The boys were in need of some new bed time boxers so this weekend I set about whipping up some newbies.

This fabric was a HUGE hit! Sharks
"Are you finished yet?"
"Not yet..."
All Done and 2 very happy little boys.
... and 3 more for a special friend. Thanks so much S. x
And yet after making 5 pairs of boxers I still have an abundance of satin...
any ideas?


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Too gorgeous! I cant tell you how much that first pix of the fabric sent me spinning back into memory lane...HA...check out this post almost exactly a year ago..... so spooky :)
Ohhhhh I wonder where those 3 little cutie shorts could be off are such an awesome mama :)

Sarah said...

Nov 17th... now that is just spooky! lol dejavu

StEpHaNiE said...

your quick it sat in my fabric box for 2 years and you have it a week and look what you have made
great work im glad the boys are loving the fabric too..