Four in the frame

With Christmas cards coming my MIL had asked me to get her a picture of all of us... hmmmm not too difficult I'll look through the millions of photos we've taken over the last few months. However it would appear out of all the photos that we take we never seem to be all in at once, someone is always hiding behind the lens.

So armed with our waterproof camera, luckily, we headed up to the Muesum to get all four in the frame. There is not too much to place a camera on at the Meuseum except the slimy gross water feature. With the camera delicately balanced on the edge of all that sludge we activated the self timer for the first time.

Even though the boys aren't smiling I smile when I look at the photo. The look of confusment is them trying to figure out why Mum and Dad left the camera over there, and how do they expect to take a picture of us when there's no-one over there?!?!?


Anonymous said...

OMG! That IS the best!

Nara said...

The look on the boys faces is Pricless!!! love you blog Sarah, well done!!!