Lunchbox Ideas

First rule of a fun lunch box is that stickers ROCK! My boys love to open their lunch box and find out what sticker Mum has put on their lunch today. It is low cost, makes them smile and is worth every cent. I put stickers on their plain jane soy yoghurt containers, use them to attach the seasoning for noodle snacks, hold their lunch bags closed... the list is endless.

Stickers are great for attaching, sealing and causing BIG smiles!

Secondly, think beyond the fancy packaging that you see on the supermarket shelves... recently when I picked up my little man from care I was lucky enough to come at afternoon tea time. It really seems quite silly that it hadn't occured to me sooner but there was a little guy there who was munching down on one of those biscuits and dip packs (all the ones I have found have milk products)...
Seeing the pack without a lid gave me all the inspiration I needed!

Put a scoop of Nuttlex and a scoop of your child's favourite spread into a container and mix it all about.
Add some biscuits
Like I said, simple. Now my boys can sit up just like their friends and shovel the vegemite into their face.

Lunch Punches are fun and make eating an everyday old sandwich into a fun time.

There are so many different lunch punches out there now, it is hard for me, let alone the kids, to decide what they will get in todays lunch box.

Putting all these ideas together has given me Monday's lunch box...

I would LOVE to hear your ideas on lunch boxs. 

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stephanie said...

Your blogs looking good hun and love ya lunch box idea stickers would put a smile on my boys faces
Steph :)