Dinner by Dad

Dad was very concerned when I started snapping pictures of his dinner in progress... worried that I would claim all the credit on my blog that is!

Rest assured, I told him, that full credit would be given to him and yes it was for my blog which will soon become my online recipe book, once it holds all my our adaptions.

The first few years were easy, basic veg mashed up with some gravy, tomato sauce or white sauce (soy of course). Now comes the trickier years where I still struggle. Dad, who has been allergic to dairy his whole life is the King Pin here.

Bored with what we always seem to have we headed to the supermarket in search of something new and yummy...

Those parents who have children with allergies will know what I'm talking about when I say that this is not an easy task. It means reading the ingredients label on everything you pick up. As we live in a small country town our supermarket choices are limited and as such it can take up to an hour if we want to have a good search... but when we are on holidays, Oh the hours we can spend. It is so much fun going to the big supermarkets with their dairy free alternatives and just basic things such as biscuits. Have you ever looked at your ingredients in your biscuits? I have and here in our small town there are less than 4 packets that do not contain milk and or egg on our supermarket shelves. Next year, when I have finished work and am being a 'stay home Mum' I will relish in making a variety of homemade biscuits for my family.

Back to the shopping...

So we ended up grabbing a Korma Curry paste, no milk products but questionable if the little man, with tomato (or anything red it seems) allergies would react. Just to be safe we made a substitute just for him.

Korma Curry with Little Man's substitutions

Dad cooked off the onion and chicken, then removed enough for Little Mans dinner and put it in a seperate pot. To this he added mustard (seeded would've been nice but we were out, so he just used honey mustard), coconut cream and some cornflour.

Little Man's

For the rest of the family he followed the instructions but rather than add the cream, he added coconut milk instead.

Mmmm Yum

Cooking Rice 'old school' since our cooker kicked it tonight!
And wha-lah a  non-dairy, tomato/red free yummy dinner!!!

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They both look yummy wheres mine lol
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