Moist Sultana Muffins

Waking this morning with a bit of a sweet tooth and a feeling of excitement for school lunch box ideas, I grabbed a helper and some goodies and began making these delicious Moist Sultana Cakes (Muffins!)

As I've said before it can take me hours to half fill a trolley at the Supermarket when I start reading labels and imagine my surprise when we came across this packet of Saltana Cake mix on special for 99c. For that price it was worth me stopping to read the label and guess what? no milk products in it! So awesome. The ingredients called for a whole egg but as usual we just compensated by adding some extra milk.

I love mixes like these that don't need to use the hand held electric mixer. It means Mr Independant can help a bit more.

I am in love with the crumble on the top. Being a lazy Sunday I was only using the ingredients in the house and didn't have the Almonds that it called for... so instead I added oats. The crunchy top reminds me of an Anzac Buscuit and then the moist Sultana cake toboot.

Without the egg the cakes did fall a bit after I took them out of the oven but I was expecting that. It doesn't effect the taste in my opinion just the asthetics.
The 'crumble' muffins were the first one's eaten and how I wish I had made them all have the yummy topping.
But I did pop some of the Sultana muffins in the freezer for school lunch box treats.
Sultanas = healthy choice right? he he
Enjoy your egg free, dairy free Moist Sultana Muffins. I know I will!!!
Happy Baking


Anonymous said...

YUM!! oh my!!

Colleen said...

He's such a good helper.I love the outfit!

granma said...

Now he has the right chef outfit he will really look the pary