February? What February?

Blogging has fallen by the way side this month. There has been heaps to blog about, with so many 'firsts', birthdays and new creations but with all this happening I just haven't had time. When I did have the time do you think I could find my SD adapter? Uh no. Then the camera went flat and I didn't get all the pics that I wanted, so I still have alot to go back and snap piccies of some projects. But not to worry, I have found my adapter, charged my battery and have a moment right now!

This is my latest to get started project. A gorgeous friend gifted me a massive bunch of knitting needles and an Oh so nice wrap to keep it all in, leaving a desire to take up a new project.
I was thinking of this... but when I did it in the blue I just didn't LOVE it, so I still have the grey yarn to go and am in need of a new cowl or maybe a slouchy lacy hat, hmmm any ideas?

Thanks for reading along. X

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