When all is quiet

Do you ever get that feeling of "it's too quiet, what are they up to now?" Well I sat down for 10 mins on Sunday and realised 10 mins later (Opps) that the house was VERY quiet. So I raced out to the other end and found Big Brother watching cartoons, all good so far, and the bathroom door open. Now this could go one of 2 ways, either A, Little Brother is doing a Number 2 and is working very hard to use only 1 complete roll, or B, he has flooded my bathroom AGAIN.

Option B won and I found a very innocent looking young man playing in a sink full of water with my side cupboards full of water and water pretty much EVERYWHERE! Now as cute as this was I dare not to take a picture for fear of encouraging this Oh so naughty event.

The "I'm sorry, I love you Mummy" face
Instead I popped him in the bath, because this is where we CAN PLAY with water, while I went about the 15 minute job of mopping all the water out of the drawers.

As much as I love the QUIET, I think I would have loved NOISE more this day.
Why the life vest I hear you ask?
I have absolutly no idea, that's what I found him in at the bathroom sink.
Probably a good judging by the amount of water!

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Anonymous said...

Love the life vests guys :) Your water was a lot nicer to clean up than my eggs I bet :0